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Helping the NHS the only way I can.

My name is Adam, I run an embroidery & printing business in Ipswich which is currently closed because of the pandemic.

During some of the unintended free time (that many of us are experiencing)  at the moment. I was talking a friend how we could help during the pandemic when we realised a simple fact, WE can’t help, not directly .  BUT what I can do is stay at home and do what I do best; Print T-shirts, lots off them! and help raise money for the NHS charities.  That way way we can all raise money and awareness and help saves lives.  

If you have the money, please help OUR NHS by buying one of our T-shirts and showing it off to your friends (whilst socially distancing of course)  and getting them to but one too

I’m not a PR avatar, I’m a real guy who is really trying to help.  This is an image of my real face and my real wife who really will be helping print the T-shirts. My real address is 232 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, IP2 0RG and you can really contact me here, if you have any questions of think you can help,  with any design suggestions or ways to spread the word.   


Help us to Help OUR NHS

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